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  • Nearly 100,000 call for Trump's impeachment

    Left Action  Feb 15, 2017

    Update:  Calls for impeachment have now topped 90,000, and are heading for 100,000.  Learn more.  (more)

  • Trump Countdown Clock

    Left Action  Feb 01, 2017

    Want to know how long until Trump's term is over?   Here's a new tool you can use to count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds: Trump Countdown Clock And remember, while you're counting down the time, there's a lot you can do right now: 99 Ways To Fight Trump   (more)

  • Impeach Donald Trump

    Left Action  Jan 11, 2017

    On January 20th, Donald Trump will take office as America's 45th president.  After that happens, the effort to impeach him should begin immediately.  It would be an unprecedented step for sure, to begin it that early, but the threat Trump represents to our democracy is unprecedented as well.   (more)

  • Tell Democratic Leaders: Fight back against Trump

    Left Action  Dec 28, 2016

    Tell Democratic leaders it's time to start fighting back hard against Trump. (more)

  • 99 Ways to Fight Trump

    Left Action  Dec 07, 2016

    99 ways to fight Trump.  Do one.  Do them all.  But do something.  (more)

  • Tell the Electoral College: Save America from Trump

    Left Action  Nov 30, 2016

    In just the first week after Trump’s “victory,” we’ve gotten a glimpse of what his presidency will be like -- and it is bleak. But Hillary Clinton WON the popular vote -- and there’s still a chance she could be our next president! Electors from the Electoral College will cast their votes on December 19th. If we can get them to change their votes, they can elect Hillary Clinton as 45th President of the United States. (more)

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